by Nirmal Seth

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Executive Presence

"Executive Presence is created by "Standing Out & Being Different" while still aligning with company culture and strategies".

Great leaders have presence, and people with presence often make great leaders.
(Source - Trainingmag)

Steve Jobs had it. Bill Gates has it. What is it? Charisma. That intangible quality that makes people take notice. And the greater your personal presence in the workplace, the greater the impact you'll have. As mysterious as this quality remains, it's commonly boosted by your communications style, appearance, relationship skills, overall performance and other factors.

Our flagship program is - "Smart Presence".

Should executives have 'presence', 'charisma' and 'panache' ? YES.

Otherwise you would be termed persona non-grata. 

What constitutes executive presence?

You should have attitude, posture, poise, confidence, great public speaking abilities, powerful presentation skills, perfect grooming, excellent communication, knowledgeable at the restaurant, the overall appearance has to be WOW !

One should have clear diction, command over the English language, positive body language, a modulated voice, and appropriate dressing.

All the above skills can be acquired.

"Smart Presence" can be developed and with the help of our core team, you will be a WINNER. 

The training imparted by our flagship program "Smart Presence" covers all the skill sets mentioned above including how to handle office gossip, grapevine, travel for business, table manners, attitude, integrity and many more areas.

For businesses, this program will see your executives shining and adding infinite success to the organisation.

For individuals, the "Smart Presence", program will make you a top notch executive ready for a fast track career.

For individuals, be ahead of your peers in a manner that makes you indispensable for your organisation.

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