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CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies are using LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology

This innovative, problem solving, experiential process has been designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

Fortune 500 companies are also using LEGO® bricks in their board rooms.  LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® methodology increases ROI and improves service offerings.

LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® is a way of using special LEGO® bricks to express feelings and ideas. It is used by managers & executives, to collaborate and discuss relationships and concepts. The building is done in metaphors.

The process offers a unique and powerful way for people to exchange & generate amazing  ideas.

Organisations who are seeking to reveal more impactful insights, improve decision-making, find hidden opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship, improve project leadership, clarify values or integrate new members within your  organisations use LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® methodology as a method of choice.


Now the team can learn…

The Secrets of Real Time Solution!

The amazing  methodology of LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®  is being used by major organisations across the world.  This must be utilised in every company to deliver superior strategies, solutions, ideas and service.

Business leaders and CEO’s across the world are using LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® to understand the ever changing business landscape. A workshop with  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  is a facilitated experiential process that is designed to enhance engagement, business performance and strategic innovation in organizations with GREAT SUCCESS. These workshops amazingly help executives at all levels to easily communicate and solve problems of complex ideas with special LEGO® bricks.

The process creates a 3 dimensional metaphorical model and story-telling, building with special LEGO® bricks. The hand-brain co-ordination produces amazing solutions and results.

The structured process of hand-brain co-ordination leads to deep thinking, amazing story-telling solution that solves complex challenges facing organisations, businesses, individual executives and teams.

The access to a three-dimensional metaphorical model of their business and its landscape allows executives to visualise strategies that were formerly opaque and closed off to them. They can see their enterprise in a more holistic sense, and can manipulate it, play with it, and ask all sorts of what-if questions by physically altering it.

Strategy, planning and business scenario is something you live, not something stored away in a document - LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® methodology effectively deals with this issue.

Albert Einstein rightly said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Business Applications/Interventions

•  Market Entry
•  Identification of Potential Markets/Products/Services
•  After Sales Service
•  Customer Service & Satisfaction
•  Product/Service Development
• Servicing Clients
• Increasing Sales
• Response to Competitors/Clients
• Scenario Building & Testing
• Communication and Exploration
• Competitive Analysis
• Problem Solving
• Team Building
• Leadership & Team Development
• Strategic relations to market segments or partners
• Strategy Development
• Product Development
• Implementation of Culture
• Creativity & Innovation
• Re-organisation
• Developing Brands
• Articulating the Future
• Service & Business Re-Design
• Conflict Resolution
• Turnaround and Restructuring
• Change Management
• Rapid Prototyping
• Simulations & Visualisations
• Logistic Processes
• Building Competitive Advantage
• Being Market Focused
• Designing
• Breaking “Habitual Thinking”
• Mergers & Acquisitions Processes
• New Business Model
• And Many More…..

Who Should Attend

This high-energy, high-content workshop will upgrade innovation and idea generation skills

and uplift the spirit for real time solutions for everyone in the oragnisation and would be

appropriate for all levels, from senior management to managers at all levels from different divisions

from the following streams and many more:

•  Sales
•  Marketing
•  Finance
•  Human Capital
•  IT & ITES
•  Top Management
•  Service Personnel
•  R & D
•  Manufacturing
•  Advertising
•  Media
•  M & A
•  Design
•  Websites

Want to know more…

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