by Nirmal Seth

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Power Packed Program on Champion Service Skills


Learn International Best Practices


“It was really a wonderful training session covering most of our requirements in today’s competitive world. The team is highly motivated and will give further impetus to achieve our 2015 objectives”.

RK Gohan – AVP-After Sales, Mercedes Benz,

T & T Motors .


“Champions of Service” is a very powerful service skill program for everyone in the organisation.

Your team will be highly inspired and motivated to greater heights of becoming a “Service Champion.”


At a time when organisations world over are moving from  “Service Economy” to an “Experiential Economy”, superior “Experiential Service” has become a core competitive advantage for every kind of business.


Champions provide “Superior Service”

Champions create the emotional bond which links the customer so closely to the company that he develops a clear preference for these services, products or brands and is even willing to recommend them to others. Loyal customers truly prefer a service,  product, brand or company over competitive offerings. Thus loyalty goes beyond a rational decision for known quality or superior price-performance-ratio. It is about the customers’ feelings and perceptions about the brand or product.


Attain Highest Levels of Customer Delight

Customer Delight is surprising a customer by exceeding his/her expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction. The interactions are  the greatest source of opportunities to create delight as it can be personalised and tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the customer. Skills are imparted to achieve this goal.


Be the “Service Leader” in your Industry

Great Service Cultures of the top “Service Leaders” of the world are discussed threadbare with practical examples to Illustrate international best practices.


Understanding the "Champion Service Mindset"

The “Champion Service Mindset” is explained in details so that the same can be learnt and applied quickly. Delighting the customer will be the number one goal.



Creating “Great Service Cultures”

The 'secret' of service excellence is that it requires a complete approach - clear and consistent leadership, the right culture, great people, and customer-focused systems, processes and tools.  This program imparts these skills necessary to create  great service culture in the organisation.




Proven “Champion Service Strategies & Techniques”

Giving great customer service really is the key to differentiation between organisations. Strategies and techniques are explained  in details with role-plays.


Service Champions “Service Tools”

Delivering amazing customer service requires “Service Tools”.  These tools are explained in details with live examples.

Understanding & Managing Champion Service  with “Customer


In this situation the development of a strong relationship between customers and a company will prove to be a significant opportunity for competitive advantage by understanding “Customer’s       Perception”.


“Getting Close” to Your Customers

Techniques with examples are explained on how to get close to customers. Gain insight into what customers want, how they tend to behave, and what practices help you forge and strengthen ties to them.


Handling Customer Complaints

Great techniques to leave the customers happy, satisfied and often delighted.




Key Learning Benefits


• Greatly enhanced customer service skills

  Enhanced orientation of respect for the customer
  Amazing service spirit is created
  Maintaining long term client relationship
  Deliver better, faster and superior service
  Managing stressful situations effectively
.  Better manage customers expectations
Who Should Attend
This powerful workshop will greatly enhance service skills for everyone, whether interacting with your customers or your own colleagues.

The program would be very useful from Senior Management to Front Line Staff. Members from sales, customer service, technical and support personnel would also benefit greatly from this program.